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Now offering a Father's Day Massage Special!!!! Today through June 14th get a 1 hour massage for ONLY $45 (one year expiration)!!  Call or come buy to purchase one today!!!

The Difference Massage Therapy Makes:

Thank you for choosing Ford Family Chiropractic, a Massage Advantage Center. We offer therapeutic massage in our clinic through Massage Advantage, Inc.  The following is why "our advantage is your advantage" at Ford Family Chiropractic.

Ford Family Chiropractic, a Massage Advantage Center, gives you the advantage of:

 Massage Advantage Locations: foot1.jpg

  • Professional Atmospheres
  • Convenient Locations
  • National Program

 Massage Advantage Therapists:

  • Certified Massage Therapists
  • Massage Therapists with More than Just the Basic Knowledge of the Body

 Massage Advantage Massage Sessions:

  • Discounted Massages
  • Full 30 and 60 Minute Massages--every minute of your half or hour session for massage
  • Customized Massages using a Combination of Therapeutic Techniques, such as deep tissue, swedish, neuromuscular, pregnancy, sports, and reflexology*
  • Brief Consultations Before Each Session to assure purpose and expectations for massage are met

Massage Advantage Packages & Gift Cards:

  • Gift Cards Without Expirations
  • Packages Shareable with Friends and Family
  • No Contracts
  • No Sign-up Fees
  • Gift & Member Cards Redeemable at Locations Listed on Massage Advantage Website 

No one has ever offered and delivered more than Massage Advantage… "Cause our Advantage is your Advantage." 

Whether you are looking to relieve a headache, relax, or lower your blood pressure, your Certified Massage Therapist is trained to provide you with the best massage for your well-being. All massages are a complete 60-minute or a 30-minute session. You get every minute of your hour or half hour for your benefit. 

whattoexpect_1_.jpgYour massages are also personalized to your body's needs for wellness at Ford Family Chiropractic. At your first session your Certified Massage Therapist will inquire of any health problems or concerns about your health, and if you have ever been injured in any sort of accident. After your first massage session, your Certified Massage Therapist will continue to inquire of your health when you visit. This will continue to provide your Certified Massage Therapist with the knowledge of your current concerns and needs for solutions to health problems. Your Certified Massage Therapist will then be able to customized your massage each time according to your body's wellness and lifestyle. 

Massage Therapy is just one of the many services we offer at Ford Family Chiropractic.

All the services we offer at Ford Family Chiropratic go hand in hand with each other to help speed your recovery as well as balance and maintain your health.



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